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Truly a Person, Truly God - a postmythical view of Jesus

Truly a Person, Truly God is my only book on Christology. For nine years I had taught some introductory Philosophy of Mind when a part-time tutor for The Open University between 1977 and 1987. I came to see that the difficulties philosophers encountered in their attempts to describe the human person were very similar to the difficulties theologians encountered in their attempts to describe the divine Person of Christ. I had long thought that Philosophy could help Theology to do its work, and in this volume I borrow double-language theories from Philosophy and apply them to Jesus Christ, as understood by the classical creeds of Christianity.

George Carey, before he became Archbishop of Canterbury, said 'Dr. Thatcher's contribution to this minefield of interpretation is impressive indeed. I commend it most warmly and enjoyed reading it. In my opinion it is a MUST for the thinking and enquiring Christian.' I was very pleased with the positive reviews. When I have the time I would like to restate its basic thesis.

SPCK: 1990 978-0281044467
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