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God, Sex and Gender - An Introduction

This is my new book, released by Wiley-Blackwell on 8th April, 2011. Do follow the link to Amazon to see what the back cover blurb says.

It has taken nearly three years to write. I try to reflect, positively, critically, and theologically, on the vast changes (all during my lifetime) to the understanding of our bodies and our sexuality; to the 'performance' of our gendered selves in relation to other people; and to the waning social institutions that used to regulate sexual activity.

The price is just over `20 - yes I know that's a lot for a paperback - that the book is around 125,000 words in length, and so is really excellent value.

It is for students of sexual ethics and applied theology, for Christians who are prepared to be thoughtful about sex and gender issues, and for anyone who is impatient with, and unconvinced by, the constant recycling and repetition of so-called 'traditional' answers to complex questions. You can see the preview on Amazon.

The first (and very positive) review appeared in the Church Times on 26th August. The reviewer said '...for every Christian leader who sits in judgement on other people`s sexu`ality, it should be required reading.' '...the revisionist case is argued with passion and authority.' Thatcher 'manages to remain theologically orthodox while at the same time demonstrating how that very orthodoxy leads to what many would consider to be alarmingly unorthodox conclusions. That is what makes this book distinct`ive, and why it cannot be ignored.'
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