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Gender and Christian Ethics

I was four years working on this book, due to be published on September 30th, 2020. As a free-standing follow-up to Redeeming Gender, I’m now offering fresh theological arguments for expanding our understanding of gender in the church and in the world. ‘Gender’ is about relations between women and men. It is also about human identity, and about socially constructed systems of belief which incorporate prejudice. I critique naïve and harmful theological accounts of sexuality and gender as binary opposites or mistaken identities. I demonstrate that the gendered theologies of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Karl Barth, as well as the Vatican's ‘war on gender’ rest on questionable binary models. I replace them with the ‘human continuum’, a model that allows for sexual difference without assuming ‘opposite’ sexes or normative sexualities. Grounded in core Christian doctrines, this continuum enables full equality between women and men and a full theological affirmation of LGBTIQ people. In the last two chapters I show that secular culture gets gender wrong by exaggerating and distorting sexual difference, and outline a hermeneutic that delivers justice and acceptance instead of sexism and discrimination.
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